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Dollar Cost Averaging: A Behavioral View

This is a guest post by Meir Statman. Meir Statman, PhD, is the Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance at the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University. He is also an advisor to the Wealthfront Investment Team and the author of “What Investors Really Want: Know What Drives Investor Behavior and Make Smarter Financial Decisions”. Investors with cash destined for stocks sometimes employ dollar-cost-averaging by dividing their cash into segments and committing to convert each segment to stocks according to a predetermined schedule. Investors with $120,000 might employ dollar-cost-averaging by committing to invest $10,000 in stocks on the 10th of each of the coming 12 months. The alternative to dollar-cost averaging is lump-sum investing: investing the entire $120,000 in stocks today. The […]

Charley Ellis Joins Wealthfront

At Wealthfront, we believe in putting our clients’ interests first. The trust and confidence our clients place in our service is the primary reason we’re now the largest and fastest-growing software-based financial advisor. Our success allows us to attract incredibly talented people from the investment and technology worlds, which in turn enables us to continually improve the service we offer to clients. We’re honored to announce today that Charley Ellis, founder of Greenwich Associates, the leading research-based strategy consulting firm to the financial services industry, has joined Wealthfront as a member of our advisory board. Charley has written 16 books on individual investing, including the classic Winning the Loser’s Game. It’s hard to find someone in the investment industry whose […]

Wealthfront Reaches A Quarter Billion Dollars

At Wealthfront, we believe everyone deserves sophisticated investment management. Our mission is to provide the same kind of high-quality financial advice offered by the best financial institutions and private wealth managers, without the high account minimums or costs. We’re proud to announce our clients have enabled us to become the largest software-based financial advisor. Our clients trust us to manage over $250 million in assets, up more than 150% in 2013 alone. As it turns out, one billion quarters weighs a little more than 6,250 tons. It’s a heavy responsibility. Leadership Through Relentless Improvement When we launched our flagship service in December 2011, we hoped investors would love our automated, low-cost investment management. We’ve relentlessly improved our service with features […]

Wealthfront’s New Investment Mix

At Wealthfront, we’re always looking for ways to increase our clients’ net-of-fees, after-tax returns without exposing them to more risk.  We’re excited to announce two major enhancements to our investment management service, driven by Chief Investment Officer Burt Malkiel: Differentiated Asset Location: We now offer different asset allocations for taxable and retirement accounts. Tax-efficient asset classes are weighted more in taxable accounts to minimize your taxes. Improved Bond Diversification: We’ve added five new income-producing asset classes to help increase returns (for the same level of risk). We estimate these changes will increase our clients’ annual net-of-fees, after-tax return by an average of 0.5% per year. Assuming you invest $100,000 over 20 years, the changes could add approximately $28,000 to your […]