Introducing Avery Moon, VP of Engineering

Wealthfront is an example of how, as Marc Andreessen says, software is eating the world. More and more major businesses and industries are being run on software and delivered as online services, often at lower cost and to the greater benefit of consumers.

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Wealthfront is one of the first companies to embody this trend in the investment world: investing and software are finally converging at Internet scale. I joined the company as Vice President of Engineering to drive this convergence.

We deliver automated financial advice as an online service. We put our clients first, rely on rigorous financial research, and harness the power of software to improve our services. As thousands of investors discover Wealthfront and become clients, we are transitioning into a new phase: hyper-growth. To exceed our clients’ aspirations, we must now scale our services, technology, and team.

Innovation and growth

At LinkedIn, my teams built and scaled the core consumer experiences that drove adoption by over 200 million professionals across the globe. I celebrated alongside my teams when the company went public.

We put our clients first, rely on rigorous financial research, and harness the power of software to improve our services.

Wealthfront is especially exciting for me because of my passion for and background in quantitative finance and mathematics. I have invested using quantitative techniques for many years, using my academic training from Eller College of Management at University of Arizona. Now, I lead a team building products that are democratizing these best practices.

Exceptional, innovative online services are built on software and infrastructure designed at the highest level of craft, with simplicity, elegance, and resiliency, and backed by metrics. That kind of engineering is possible only at companies that empower people who have a passion to create beautiful software. Wealthfront is such a company.

We use a continuous deployment methodology and toolchain enabling us to design, build, test, and deploy without manual intervention (in under 10 minutes from commit to production). Continuous deployment is anchored by excellence in automated testing and test-driven development.

Meeting our clients’ high expectations

Our clients’ high expectations thrust us onto the technical cutting edge. Several examples of this:

  • Flawless implementation of the best, research-based practices in investing, demanding systems resiliency and perfect execution
  • Tax-efficient portfolios, demanding codification of investment science practices previously available only to the wealthy who could afford to pay for their manual execution
  • Insight and best practices in financial advice and risk assessment, demanding excellence in analytics, data science and behavioral economics
  • Simple, intuitive, insightful, and delightful interaction via web and (soon-to-be-introduced) mobile experiences, demanding excellence and consistency in visualization, user experience and design across all screens

We will double our engineering team by the end of the year. Join us.

Avery Moon is married and has two children. The first book he read to his older daughter to lull her to sleep was a quantitative finance mathematics textbook.

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