We know our clients want a portfolio that also aligns with their beliefs. And thanks to Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting we’ll be able offer Socially Responsible Investing, allowing you to build a portfolio that best represents your values.

Personalization is key to everything we do at Wealthfront. And because we exclusively use software we can deliver an even more personalized experience than a traditional advisor. For example, we create a tailored financial plan based on your specific data rather than generalized rules of thumb that are widely used by the industry.

Our clients also want a more personalized investment portfolio, so we developed our unique set of PassivePlus® features to allow for more personalization. For example, Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting allows for incredible flexibility because we actually buy, on your behalf, the individual securities that comprise the U.S. Equities index rather than use an index fund. As a result, Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting offers an even greater level of tax-loss harvesting for you, and we recently announced it could serve as the foundation for higher returns through factor-based weighting. But we know our clients want a portfolio that also aligns with their beliefs. And thanks to Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting we’ll be able to offer Socially Responsible Investing, allowing you to build a portfolio that best represents your values.

You’ve Got The Power

The movement towards Socially Responsible Investing is gaining significant traction. Last year a record $5.8 billion was invested in socially responsible funds and an additional $2.9 billion poured in this year through May[1]. We’ve seen numerous requests from our clients wanting to omit buying securities in sectors spanning four main categories: fossil fuels, deforestation, weapons and tobacco. So we’re taking our cue from you and will build a one-click feature to omit one or all of these categories from your portfolio.

When it comes to Socially Responsible Investing, we believe everyone has their own point of view. So instead of defining what being socially responsible means for you, we’re putting the power entirely in your hands. Therefore, any client using Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting will be able to proactively omit any company through our exclusion list that they do not wish to invest in, whether it falls into the pre-selected categories or not.

What Matters Most: You

We’re working hard to rebuild the financial services industry so that it puts you first. That means optimizing for your personal needs, including your ethics and morals. And software has given us an incredible platform to deliver deeply personalized service at scale. By building a more robust feature for Socially Responsible Investing we’re aiming to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to building a portfolio that’s right for you.

[1] Source: Bloomberg, 2017.

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