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These posts break down the components that impact investing for the long term, such as diversification, fees, taxes, and more.

A 401(k) Won’t Get You There

There are a ton of misconceptions on the best way to find financial security, but there is one in particular that kills me every time I hear it: “I have a 401(k) and my company matches it so I’m good, right?” Wrong! I can’t fault people for thinking this — it’s been ingrained into our generation.

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Investing Just Got Better with Wealthfront

At Wealthfront, our goal is to constantly deliver new financial services with either a lower cost or higher value than can be found anywhere else. As we explained in last month’s blog post, when it comes to investing we look for time-tested, academically proven, rules-based strategies that can be implemented through software.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

Yesterday the Dow plunged almost 1,600 points, the biggest single day point (but not percentage) decline in history. If the past is any predictor of the future, I would expect many of our clients will feel incredibly unsettled as a result.

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Closing the Gap

When I speak to women’s groups about investing, I often share my own story of when I was starting out. After a few years of earnestly saving, I hired a financial adviser who put my savings to work in the market.

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