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These posts break down the components that impact investing for the long term, such as diversification, fees, taxes, and more.

A Bit About Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been taking over the headlines of late, so it’s no surprise the most frequent question our client services team fields from clients and prospects is whether we intend to incorporate Bitcoin into our investment management service. As proponents of financial innovation and believers in the power of software, we are excited about Bitcoin.

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The To Do’s Before the I Do’s

As December gets underway our minds are on the holidays, but there’s another season that is upon us: coupling. Christmas Day continues to be the most popular day for marriage proposals, and a large swath of engagements will take place starting the week before Christmas through New Year’s Day.

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The Unseemly Side of Wall Street

Since founding Wealthfront I have learned a lot about how investment firms are compensated – and I must say it’s very disappointing. This isn’t my usual rant about nickel and dime fees; this time I’m talking about kickbacks.

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Your 2017 Year-End Personal Finance Checklist

As the year comes to end, most of us are thinking about the holidays — the shopping, the parties, the travel. It’s human nature to get distracted and place thinking about your personal finances on hold.

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