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These posts break down the components that impact investing for the long term, such as diversification, fees, taxes, and more.

Why You Should Invest Despite Volatility

Refraining from investing in a volatile market is yet another example of how what feels right isn’t necessarily the right thing to do when it comes to investing. Let your rational mind guide you: Don’t let your fear of loss take control.

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Sound Investing When Markets Are in Turmoil

What should you do when market volatility has you doubting your investment strategy? No worries — Wealthfront Chief Investment Officer Burt Malkiel has clear advice.

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Should You Pay Off Debt Or Invest? Here’s The Real Answer

When you have some extra cash, how to do you decide whether to invest it or put it toward paying down debt? We fully unpacked this surprisingly complex quandary, complete with considering emergency funds, toxic debt, and weighing interest rates.

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The Miracle of Compound Interest

Compound interest is the magic force that stimulates the wild proliferation of an investment when it’s left alone for long enough — but there’s one important thing you have to do for it to work. Let us explain exactly how your money grows on itself.

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