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Are you living a healthy financial life? These posts arm you with knowledge to better manage your finances and minimize your taxes.

Software is Better Than People

Software is far better at most jobs than people are. I realize that statement will make a lot of people uncomfortable, but it’s true.

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Introducing Path: A Better Financial Planning Experience

Today we’re excited to introduce Path, a better way to experience financial planning. Path helps you prepare for your financial future, every step of the way.

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You Don’t Need to be a Parent to Benefit from 529 Accounts

When I learned that our investment team, a group of talented PhDs, was helping our clients with the problem of saving for their children’s future college education and building our own tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan, I was excited because I have two eight year old girls and I still hadn’t started a 529 plan

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Your 2016 Year-End Personal Finance Checklist

The year is coming to an end but it’s not too late to get your personal finances in shape. We provide 16 tips on how to start the new year off right.

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