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Are you living a healthy financial life? These posts arm you with knowledge to better manage your finances and minimize your taxes.

How to Think About Long-Term Investing

At Wealthfront we try to make it very clear that our investment approach is only appropriate for the long term. This often raises the question: How long is “long term”?

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Use the Summer to Your (Tax) Advantage

Summer is typically when we enter vacation mode and take a break from things that require a lot of work, so the last thing you want to think about is your taxes. But summer is also busy with a number of key life events, so while you still have some down time make sure you

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How to Beat the High Cost of College

Last week I showed some of the different ways to think about financial aid as a means to understand — and reduce — the out-of-pocket costs of a particular college. This week, I want to share some of our research around some additional ways to reduce college costs.

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The Battle of the Tuition Bulge

When we decided to add college planning to Path, the most comprehensive financial planning service from an automated advisor, we did a deep analysis around the actual projected costs of college to help families better prepare. Today I’ll share some of the important insights we’ve surfaced to help families beat the high cost of college.

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