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Are you living a healthy financial life? These posts arm you with knowledge to better manage your finances and minimize your taxes.

The 15 Crucial Questions About Stock Options

Any Wealthfront client who has used our automated financial planning service knows that nothing impacts your financial lifestyle more than owning equity in a successful company. Unfortunately, most people really don’t know how to evaluate the equity portion of their job offer.

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Use the Summer to Your (Tax) Advantage

Now that summer is officially here most of us are mentally sliding into vacation mode, so the last thing you want to think about is your taxes (especially since you just dealt with them!). But the summertime is also busy with a number of big life events, so it’s important to understand how the midyear

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Comparing the Wealthfront Portfolio Line of Credit to a Traditional Home Equity Line of Credit

When we launched our Portfolio Line of Credit in April of 2017 our goal was to deliver an easy way for our clients to access cash at a low interest rate for large expenses they need to cover in the near term. We got a number of calls from our home owning clients wanting to

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Taking On Your Taxes

At Wealthfront, one of our goals is to help our clients be prepared for tax season as early as possible. However, if you’re like the 20% of Americans who filed their taxes last in April, you might be feeling a bit anxious if you’ve once again put them off.

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