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Happy Holidays from Wealthfront

At Wealthfront, we believe our clients are our one true north. And while we work to make our service better every day, it feels only right this time of year to take a moment to just say thank you. 2014 has been a momentous year for Wealthfront, and we know our success stems directly from the trust and support our clients place in us. When we launched Wealthfront just three years ago in December 2011, no one would have guessed how quickly our service would grow. After starting the year at an unprecedented $500M in client assets, we were humbled to have our thought leadership recognized by the industry when we were named ETF Strategist of the Year. In March […]

Direct Indexing: The Next Generation of Index Investing

One year ago today, Wealthfront became the first and only automated investment service to offer direct indexing with the Wealthfront 500. Direct indexing allows you to own all the stocks that comprise a major index in your own brokerage account, which is far more tax efficient than owning the equivalent index fund. Our research indicated this could generate an incremental annual after-tax return of 2.46% over just owning the S&P 500®. Frankly, we were overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback from both clients and industry experts. It has been only one year since the launch of the Wealthfront 500, and already over $500 million has been invested in Wealthfront 500 accounts. We thought we were launching a product, but it […]

The $7 Trillion Opportunity

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” — Alan Kay We are on the cusp of a momentous inflection point in finance. For the first time in decades, two titanic demographic shifts are happening in the United States simultaneously. The Baby Boom generation, the 78 million Americans born after WWII, have finally reached the edge of one of the most difficult financial transitions in life: the transition to retirement. They are caught between an array of multi-trillion dollar financial superpowers waging battle over the Boomer generation’s $10 to $15 Trillion in liquid assets. Simultaneously, the Millennial generation, the 90 million Americans born between 1981 and 2000, are reaching adulthood. The leading edge of this generation has now reached their […]

Happy Birthday, Tax-Loss Harvesting

Back in October 2012, Wealthfront became the first automated investment service to introduce tax-loss harvesting. While tax-loss harvesting has been around for a long time, it traditionally has only been offered to the ultra-wealthy and it was almost always done just once a year by hand. Wealthfront, of course, offered something different — a service watching your account continuously, every day, looking for opportunities to recognize tax losses while still keeping your portfolio properly diversified. Now two years later, Wealthfront has over $900M in client assets invested in tax-loss harvesting accounts, and in that time we’ve performed over 750,000 free tax-loss harvesting trades for our clients. For no extra charge, Wealthfront provides two different levels of sophisticated tax-loss harvesting for […]

Wealthfront for iOS 8, Now with Touch ID

At Wealthfront we pride ourselves on our track record for innovation and product leadership. So when we are presented with the opportunity to both improve security and streamline access to our application we make the most of it. With the launch of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, we saw the opportunity to do both. Our iPhone application has become immensely popular with our clients since it was launched earlier this year. In fact, over 10% of our clients now access Wealthfront solely through the application. We’re pleased to announce that the application has just gotten even better — and more secure. Download Wealthfront for iOS 8 Designed for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with Touch ID Unlike most investment […]

Introducing Ali Rosenthal

At Wealthfront, we believe that everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. To deliver on that belief, we need more than an audacious mission — we need to build a world-class company. To achieve that goal, we need to attract world-class talent in three major areas: investment research, software development and management. Thus far we’ve made some pretty good progress. We’ve been fortunate to attract financial luminaries like Burt Malkiel and Charley Ellis to our investment team. Our software team includes some of the best from companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Our management team includes five professionals who helped build billion-dollar revenue companies that forever changed their industries. Today, we’re thrilled to announce yet another phenomenal executive, Ali Rosenthal, has […]

Introducing Wealthfront for the Workplace

Financial benefits in the workplace have become a hot topic with leading professionals in human resources, and for good reason. Increasingly, companies that focus on attracting and retaining top talent have spent significant time and resources to deeply understand all aspects of their employees’ workplace experience. Simply put, financially healthy employees are more productive, engaged employees. Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of  Wealthfront for the Workplace, which we’re piloting with several of the fastest growing companies that are focused on attracting and retaining millennial talent. Wealthfront for the Workplace offers employees of participating companies the benefit of a Wealthfront account with up to $100,000 managed for free to encourage saving and investing. As part of the pilot, Wealthfront […]

Welcoming the San Francisco 49ers to Wealthfront

The San Francisco 49ers have always been one of the most respected organizations in professional sports. They have a lot to be proud of. They have five Super Bowl trophies and now a new world-class home at Levi’s® Stadium. As of today, they are also the first professional sports team to help secure the financial health of their front-office employees and alumni with free, automated investment services. The San Francisco 49ers will cover the advisory fees on the first $100,000 each individual invests with Wealthfront. Wealthfront will also provide financial education for both current employees and alumni through its acclaimed seminars. Millennials and the Challenge of Windfalls Wealthfront is designed with the millennial investor in mind, and we learn a […]

Announcing the Wealthfront Single-Stock Diversification Service for Facebook

The ties between Facebook and Wealthfront date back to the earliest days of our service. Facebook employees and executives were some of our earliest adopters, as well as advocates, and they played a critical role in helping us attract more than $1 billion under management in less than 2 ½ years. In retrospect, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the industry’s greatest engineering cultures would favor an automated  investment service. In recognition of our deep history, we’re excited to announce a feature we wish we had for Facebook employees, ex-employees and investors back in 2012 when Facebook went public — the Wealthfront Single Stock Diversification Service. The Facebook Equity Culture Facebook’s success quickly made the company one of […]