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Announcing the Wealthfront Savings Challenge

To celebrate National Savings Day, we’re launching our first Wealthfront Savings Challenge. During the month of October, we’re challenging you to set up a new recurring deposit or increase your current one and reach your goals faster.

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How Automating Financial Advice Leads to Better Outcomes

Wealthfront believes automating financial advice will lead to better outcomes. Our 2018 Financial Planning & Savings report shows how regular engagement with Path, our financial advice engine, correlates to an increase in a client’s savings rate from 18.6% to 23.7% — nearly a 28% increase in savings.

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A Decade After the Crash, Wealthfront Clients Are Surprisingly Hopeful for the Future

Wealthfront surveyed more than 1,000 clients to understand how millennials felt about their financial futures 10 years after the Great Recession. We found that despite stalled careers and anxiety about the economy, many millennials still feel successful and “on track” to meet their financial goals today.

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Surviving the Crash: One Woman’s Unexpected Path to Financial Security

We surveyed Wealthfront clients about their experience surviving the financial crisis of 2008. For Joyce Lee, adaptability, hard work, and thoughtful financial planning have allowed her to succeed in an unexpected career, buy a home, and begin planning for her future family.

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