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How the Fed Funds Rate Impacts the Wealthfront Cash Account

The fed funds rate influences nearly every financial institution, and a rate decrease directly impacts consumers. When the rate goes down, high yield savings account rates go down, too.

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The Wealthfront Cash Account Now Has a 2.51% APY, The Highest Rate On The Market

The Wealthfront Cash Account now has an APY of 2.51%. Why do we keep raising the APY on our cash account?

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The Wealthfront Cash Account Now Has A 2.29% APY

Our cash account has gotten over $1 billion in deposits in less than a month, earning clients over $2.5 million in interest. And now a great thing is even better: We’re raising the annual percentage yield (APY) on our cash account from 2.24% to 2.29%

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Our Portfolio Line of Credit Is Fast, Easy — And Now Available To More Wealthfront Clients

Today, our Portfolio Line of Credit, which gives clients fast access to cash for up to 30% of the value of their taxable investment account, is available to all Wealthfront clients with a taxable account of $25,000 or more. It’s an effortless option when you need some quick cash to cover a tax or credit card bill or to kick off a large purchase, like a new car or home renovation.

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