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The 2019 Wealthfront Career-Launching Companies List

We are pleased to present our seventh annual Career-Launching Companies List. By being part of a very successful company early in your career, you build a halo that not only leads to faster upward growth, but greater financial rewards as well.

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Introducing Free Financial Planning

Wealthfront was founded with an audacious mission: to make sophisticated financial advice available to everyone. Today, we’re excited to take a huge leap toward realizing our mission by launching free financial planning!

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Young, Single, and Ready to Save: The Data Behind Wealthfront’s Clients

We analyzed our millennial clients’ savings rates, and the numbers paint a very encouraging picture. Our youngest clients (age 20-25) actually save at the highest rate: 18% of their pre-tax annual salary.

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Announcing Our Partnership with Intuit

By focusing on automating financial services, we’re not only able to lower cost and broaden access, we’re also able to make existing services even better. Over time, you should expect to get increased value from our financial planning, investment management and banking services.

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