Introducing Andy Johns

Andy Johns Wealthfront headshotTo build a service that allows everyone access to sophisticated financial advice, Wealthfront believes we need to pair world-class financial experts with Silicon Valley’s best talent.  Over the last year, we’ve had financial luminaries like Burt Malkiel and Charley Ellis join our investment team.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that one of Silicon Valley’s foremost growth experts has joined our team.  We are thrilled to welcome Andy Johns to Wealthfront.

Accelerating Growth of World Class Platforms

Andy comes to Wealthfront after his recent role at Greylock Partners as their Growth Strategist in Residence. He previously built and established growth systems at Facebook, Twitter and Quora. Andy has demonstrated innovative thinking to accelerate growth nearly 10x at each of the three, first creating the frameworks and data models to understand engagement and then coming up with programs based on those learnings. Just a few highlights of his work and impact include establishing the SEO efforts at Facebook, rebuilding the new user experience at Twitter, and leading the email retention features at Quora.

“I had the good fortune of working with Andy when he was a Growth Product Manager at Twitter and now as an Advisor to Homebrew companies,” explains Satya Patel, former VP Product at Twitter.  “Andy delivers solutions. He can educate any startup on how to measure and generate growth through his unique framework that is simple, powerful and actionable.”

Beyond his operational roles, Andy has become a trusted leader in our community helping numerous companies better understand how to accurately measure their user acquisition, establish growth teams, and begin to build deeper and richer features around growth and engagement.

Building Growth on Top of Value

We believe most successful companies are centered around building amazing products that are highly valued by their customers. One of the reasons we’re excited about having Andy join is that he regularly advocates that value is the key to a durable relationship with the customer. The key is to build growth on top products and services that customers truly love, rather than the empty calories of “engineered” distribution.

While many people know Andy from his work at Facebook, Twitter & Quora, what they usually do not know is that he’s incredibly passionate about personal finance. He believes everyone deserves better access to sophisticated investment management, and sees Wealthfront as the way to broaden the reach of these services to millions who don’t meet the minimums of the traditional services focused on the ultra-wealthy.

Assembling a World-Class Team

Andy will be joining a team of successful executives including Elliot Shmukler, Avery Moon & Maya Grinberg among others.  By bringing together people who helped build some of the best known technology companies, we hope to build products and services that you will love, and a company of which we are all proud.

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