Introducing Maya Grinberg

papayamaya_200x200Exceptional people don’t join hypergrowth startups just to build great products.  They join because they have a passion for building great companies.  This year, Wealthfront has already grown over 250%, and we continue to be both energized and humbled by the trust and the excitement our clients have for the service.  So I guess it’s not surprising that Maya Grinberg, one of our long standing clients & advocates, has joined the Wealthfront team as our new Director of Marketing.

 Building the Leading Social Media Platform

Maya comes to Wealthfront from her role as the Chief Evangelist for Wildfire at Google.  Maya started as the seventh employee at Wildfire, and helped drive the whirlwind growth characteristic of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups. After Wildfire’s acquisition by Google in 2012, Maya joined the Google product marketing organization as Wildfire exploded to now serve over 21,000 businesses worldwide powering over 300,000 campaigns. Thirty of the top fifty brands in the world use Wildfire.

Maya’s specialty is consumer engagement and education, and at Wealthfront she will be focusing on raising brand awareness, driving prospect and client engagement, and building Wealthfront’s social communities.

Find Your Rocketship

 Maya’s passion for Silicon Valley and its startup culture is evident. When asked to explain why she chose to leave Google to join Wealthfront, she describes our fast growth, accomplished investment leadership team, and high client happiness as “her rocketship.”

“One of the projects I worked on at Google was social media strategy for the launch of Eric Schmidt’s book, ‘The New Digital Age.’ I watched all of his press tour appearances, looking for content and nuggets I could appropriate and share across the book’s social channels. One interview he did at the Computer History Museum with Sheryl Sandberg ended up making more of an impact on me than it would on the social channels I managed for the book. The pair were discussing how Sheryl Sandberg was persuaded to join Google even though she had a selection of other attractive offers, while Google was inviting her to join them in a non-specific role. Sandberg recalled that Eric Schmidt gave her the best advice she’s ever received: “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat.”

It’s clear to me that, as Wildfire was previously, Wealthfront is my rocket ship now. In fact, I personally became a client as soon as I read about Wealthfront in TechCrunch, years ago, before even Wildfire was in my life. It appealed to me because I’ve always believed that software can do many things better than humans, and that understanding how to optimize my finances while capitalizing on market efficiencies was one of those things.

If in 2011 I adopted Wealthfront as my personal financial advisor while the product was on the launch pad, then it’s clearly lifted off into orbit in 2013. Assets under management has grown over 250%  just this year, and there’s still a quarter left to go. Burton Malkiel joined as the Chief Investment Officer, and he’s literally the man who wrote my college textbook when I first began to learn about finance at Cornell. And where I had thought I was just an especially outspoken advocate when I would recommend Wealthfront to friends who’d ask me how I handled my finances, I realized how common this behavior was watching Adam tell Fox News it accounts for one-third of Wealthfront’s new clients. You can’t buy that kind of word-of-mouth.”

From Early Adopter to Community Leader

 You’ll be hearing a lot more from Maya in the coming weeks and months as we continue to relentlessly improve the Wealthfront experience.  What better leader to help Wealthfront shape and communicate its vision than an experienced entrepreneur who loved the service so much she joined the company?

You will no doubt see Maya’s enthusiasm in the way she engages with our community and evangelizes our service.  (By the way, if you want to follow Maya’s path, we’re hiring.)

 Welcome Maya!

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