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Finding Talent In Silicon Valley

finding talent in Silicon Valley

The coming-to-Wealthfront story that best illustrates the value our company places on internal drive versus lines on a resume is the story that belongs to John Hitchings. The software engineer who sits unassumingly in the dead center of our Palo Alto office, John came to California from Rome, in upstate New York.

Tech Recruiting: The Winning Pony On A Design Ad

Graphic Designer Wanted Like many companies here in the Valley, Wealthfront is seeking, in the words of our latest advertisement, a designer to help “mold the aesthetic heart of the company and all its expressions.” Designers are in short supply here – as you probably know. This Quora thread details some of the reasons: Design talent is valued more now than it was 5-10 years ago, especially the interaction and user experience design specializations. Engineering has increased in agility, creating an upturn in the quantity of products requiring design talent. Design is hard, and the expectations of designers now are much higher than they were in years past. Design education is lacking in its ability to produce designers of quality […]

Introducing Wealthfront, The Online Financial Advisor

Today we’re unveiling our Online Financial Advisor service, which for the first time makes sophisticated investment advice accessible and inexpensive. Six months ago, we started hearing complaints from our Silicon Valley-based customers about the wealth managers lined up in their lobbies. These “suits” were taking advantage of the new wealth being created by the surge in IPOs. But our friends in technology companies didn’t trust the financial advisors, because of their high fees and biased advice. They started asking us if we could manage their entire portfolios in a quality way, but without all the costs. When we heard this, we realized that our local customers wanted exactly what we wanted for ourselves. As software engineers, we wanted good, rigorous […]