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Closing the Gap

When I speak to women’s groups about investing, I often share my own story of when I was starting out. After a few years of earnestly saving, I hired a financial adviser who put my savings to work in the market.

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The New Standard

We believe that to be a true automated advisor you must deliver on all the services you get from a traditional high-end financial advisor: investment management, planning, and personal finance solutions. So when choosing the ideal automated advisor, you need to understand the breadth — and quality — of each provider’s solution.

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The One Day To Avoid Selling Your Company Stock

Our analysis of post-lockup stock price data shows that, on average, one of the worst days to sell is on the day immediately following the lockup expiration. We found that companies that had IPOs saw their stosimck prices decline, on average, by more than 1% that day, following an average 10% decline over the preceding

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