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Bringing Sophisticated Financial Advice to More Investors

Today, I’m proud to announce that we’re opening Wealthfront to even more investors by lowering the minimum amount required to open a Wealthfront account to just $500. Our simple and transparent pricing structure continues unchanged: We do not charge fees on the first $10,000 we manage on your behalf and then only charge 0.25% annually on your assets in excess of $10,000. As always, Wealthfront has no trading commissions, no account maintenance fees and no additional monthly fees. In other words, none of the fee gimmicks or gotchas that give banks and brokerages such a bad name. Helping the Young Investor We lowered our minimum in response to numerous requests from young investors. A year ago, 60% of our clients were […]

Introducing the Next Level of Direct Indexing: The Wealthfront 100

In December 2014, Wealthfront announced the next generation of index investing, our new Tax-Optimized Direct Indexing platform. A replacement for the US stock portion of a Wealthfront portfolio, Direct Indexing allows Wealthfront clients to participate in the US stock market not just by owning an ETF, but through direct ownership of many of the underlying US stocks. The result is a portfolio of individual US stocks and one or two complementary ETFs that’s optimized to track the overall performance of the broad US market but is also capable of harnessing the countless opportunities of tax-loss harvesting enabled by the movement of individual stocks. Many of our clients have already taken advantage of the power of Direct Indexing. In fact, since its launch in […]

Why Employee Stock Options are More Valuable than Exchange-Traded Stock Options

A few years ago, as I was delivering a job offer to a candidate at my previous employer (LinkedIn), I received a question that surprised me. The candidate, smart and financially savvy, had come through the interview process convinced that LinkedIn had tremendous upside as a company, but he still wasn’t sure my offer was appropriate. He had already asked the key questions necessary to evaluate his offer — including those previously covered in the 14 Crucial Questions About Stock Options — but now he had one I had not encountered before: “By coming to LinkedIn and taking these stock options, I’m betting a lot of my compensation on the stock going up. Why can’t I just buy LinkedIn options […]

Announcing Wealthfront for iPhone

Wealthfront became the largest and fastest-growing software-based financial advisor—with over $700 million in assets under management— by providing a simple, automated service for managing your long-term investments. Wealthfront monitors your investments for opportunities to rebalance your portfolio and harvest tax losses every day so you don’t have to. Unlike most investment applications for the iPhone, Wealthfront decided to design, from the ground up, a way for our clients to see how their investments are being managed, anytime, from their iPhone. Download: Wealthfront for iPhone  A Personal Feed from Wealthfront The Wealthfront application is structured around a feed of updates about your accounts. Most of our clients appreciate that Wealthfront can be their “set it and forget it,” automated investment service. They […]

100 Career Launching Technology Companies

If there is one thing we have learned from Wealthfront’s clients and our own experience in Silicon Valley, it is that picking the right place to work is the key to success. Getting equity in a mid-size, high-growth company is one of the best ways to launch your technology career and perhaps generate some wealth in the process. So today, we are proud to announce Wealthfront’s list of 100 Career Launching Technology Companies, an integral part of our first eBook. [Editor’s note: To see this year’s updated list, visit The 2017 Wealthfront Career-Launching Companies List; we still encourage those that have not to download the Career Guide, which is packed full of career advice you won’t find anywhere else] Compiled through a survey […]

Introducing Elliot Shmukler, VP of Product & Growth

Today I am happy to blog for the first time as Wealthfront’s Vice President of Product & Growth. As you may imagine, I am tremendously excited about the Wealthfront product and its potential, especially as the company enters a new phase of growth. But this product has even greater personal relevance for me – I searched for a product like it for more than 10 years to manage my own money. Lessons from the 1990s It all started during the heady days of the late ‘90s – the Web 1.0 boom. With the excitement around us, some of my friends and I interrupted our careers and our college educations to take a shot at Web entrepreneurship. The experience of running a […]