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Giving You An Edge

Wealthfront is built on the philosophy that passive investing is the key to long-term success. But we always try to go above and beyond to help your portfolio perform better.

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We’ve Made Filing Your Taxes Even Easier

For too many investors, tax season is a time filled with unwelcomed surprises.  Not only can investment taxes be confusing and difficult to file, but at most traditional brokerages, you only realize a hefty tax bill is due when you receive your 1099 forms.

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Introducing a New Level of Tax-Loss Harvesting

Today we are proud to announce a significant enhancement to our breakthrough tax-loss harvesting service — the ability to harvest losses on stocks that comprise an index.  We call this new service the Wealthfront Tax Optimized US Index Portfolio. A little over one year ago, Wealthfront became the first service to offer daily tax-loss harvesting across asset

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