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Beware Rising Investment Advisor Fees

A few weeks ago, Wealthfront’s VP of Research, Jeff Rosenberger, PhD, clipped a story from an industry trade magazine, titled Five Ways for Financial Advisors To Raise Fees, and hung it up in Wealthfront’s Palo Alto office. We have to admit, it was subject to grafitti.

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Dumbed-Down Diversification From The NY Times

Carl Richards, who writes the Bucks blog for The New York Times, wrote a piece illustrating the power of diversification in a portfolio. Unfortunately, he didn’t go far enough with his definition of diversity.

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Friday Reads: Famed Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely Takes A Swipe At Advisors

Author and behavioral economist Dan Ariely says investment advisors ask the wrong questions and generally aren’t worth the high fees that they charge. The two questions that advisors ask, he says, are: How much of your current salary will you need in retirement?

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