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Over What Time Period Should I Sell My LinkedIn Shares?

The lock-up at my company (LinkedIn) has come off, and I’m thinking about how to invest the proceeds from selling some of my shares. Is there an optimal strategy for investing my money into an asset allocation?  Should I suddenly buy all at once or over a period of time?

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Yelp Joins IPO Parade

This week saw two tech IPOs and news of one more in the offing, Yelp’s. If you’re one of those employees at a company that’s gone public or is preparing to go public, you may end up with options that are suddenly worth a lot of money, and facing questions about whether to exercise your

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9 Investment Mistakes To Guard Against, According to the Library of Congress

After many decades of public health campaigns, Americans know the sure-fire ways they can sabotage their health. Smoke.

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