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Investing When Many Pundits Predict a Recession

I do not mean to imply that we have nothing to worry about. But a negatively-sloped yield curve should not be on top of our worry list.

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Global Diversification: Why You Should Invest in Foreign and Emerging Markets

Investing in global markets actually makes investing less risky and uncertain because no one can accurately predict which asset classes will perform the best at any given time. In this post, we’ll talk about getting over the “home bias” hump so you can take advantage of foreign and emerging markets.

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Inflation: How Should Investors Prepare for the Future?

Recent data on inflation reminds us of the famous Sherlock Holmes “dog that didn’t bark.” Despite numerous warnings from financial-market pundits that inflation is just around the corner, inflation statistics remain benign and surveys of inflation expectations suggest that price-level expectations are well contained.  So what is the outlook for inflation? Are there reasons for

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