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Playing the Real Estate Game (part 2)

In last week’s post we provided the logic for why you should not try to invest in individual real estate properties (beyond your home) or try to pick which real estate market is likely to outperform the real estate market. This week we’ll explain how real estate as an asset class compares to alternative investments, specifically stocks. 

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Playing the Real Estate Game (part 1)

We often get questions from our clients about investing in real estate beyond the home they live in. Many want to put money into investment properties because of the income opportunities or the perception that they know how to pick rental properties based on their experience buying their own home.

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The Schwab and Vanguard ETF Price War

There they go again … Last week, Vanguard announced another reduction in its ETF and index fund fees. It was the Valley Forge, Pa.-based company’s 3rd such announcement since the beginning of the year.

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