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Introducing the Wealthfront Single-Stock Diversification Service

When LinkedIn went public in 2011, the company had about 1,500 employees. Traditional private wealth managers were ubiquitous on campus in their efforts to sign-up the 50 to 100 early employees and executives who met their firms’ multi-million dollar minimums. Unfortunately, that was of little help to the 1,400 other employees at the company looking for support. At Wealthfront, we believe everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. Today, we’re launching the service I wish the entire LinkedIn team could have had access to back in 2011. Introducing the Wealthfront Single-Stock Diversification Service. This service will help solve a critical problem for many that work at public technology companies: How to best diversify concentrated holdings in your company’s stock. Such holdings are […]

The Automated Investment Service for Everyone

Wealthfront is the world’s largest and fastest-growing automated investment service (AIS). With more than $800 million in client assets under management, Wealthfront offers the most tax-efficient and low-cost index fund-based solution for long-term investors on the market. Having grown more than 700% since the start of 2013, Wealthfront now provides service to clients across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., with client accounts ranging in size from $5,000 to over $10,000,000. Wealthfront is on the leading edge of a much larger trend, one catalyzed by a new generation of younger investors. There are 90 million people in the millennial generation with an aggregate net worth of more than $2 Trillion. They have grown up with software and lived through two […]

Wealthfront Named ETF Strategist of the Year

Today I am proud to announce that Wealthfront has been named the “ETF Strategist of the Year” by (formerly IndexUniverse), the world’s leading authority on exchange-traded funds. We are especially gratified to be chosen for this award from among all investment management firms that use ETFs, not just new entrants. At Wealthfront, we strive to build a world-class investment service and we’re proud to have assembled an unparalleled investment team led by Burton Malkiel. Over the past year, we added asset classes, released an improved and more diversified investment mix, delivered different asset allocations for taxable vs. retirement accounts to improve after tax returns, and launched the Wealthfront 500. In short, we aim to relentlessly improve our service to […]

Wealthfront Reaches Over Half a Billion Dollars in 2013

At Wealthfront, we believe everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. Our mission is to provide the same kind of high-quality investment services offered by the finest financial institutions and private wealth managers, without the high account minimums or costs. 2013 was a ground-breaking year for our service.  Although we began the year with less than $100 million in assets under management, we closed 2013 with over $538 million, growing over 450% to become the largest and fastest-growing software-based financial advisor.  In fact, Wealthfront enters 2014 larger than 87% of RIAs in the United States.   Two Massive Trends: Passive Investing & The Rise of Millennials Our growth in 2013 exceeded even our most optimistic projections, so we’ve spent some time investigating […]

Happy Holidays from Wealthfront

At Wealthfront, we’re always working hard to provide the best possible service for our clients.  However, as we get into the cold winter months, we wanted to take a moment to just say thank you.  2013 has been an amazing year for Wealthfront, and we know that success stems directly from the trust & support that our clients have placed in us.   In 2013, Wealthfront continued its strategy of marrying world class financial expertise with incredible software talent. Burt Malkiel, our Chief Investment Officer, spearheaded a significant enhancement to our investment mix the first week of March.  In June, Charley Ellis, a passionate advocate of investor rights and index investing, joined our investment team. Our software team saw tremendous […]

Minimize Your Investment Taxes

Our Chief Investment Officer, Burt Malkiel, famed author of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”, has spent the past 40 years explaining that investors can’t control the market, so they should focus their efforts on the three investment tactics within their control: Diversify and rebalance your portfolio Minimize fees Minimize taxes Previously, we’ve published strong opinions on the value of diversification and advisor fees. However, too often the industry avoids talking about one of the most important aspects of maximizing your long-term investment results: minimizing taxes. The Four Ways to Minimize Taxes There are four ways that financial advisors can significantly reduce your investment taxes: Index Funds Intelligently rebalance your portfolio with dividends Different asset allocations for taxable & retirement […]

Always File Your 83(b)

One of the most valuable terms in your option agreement is the ability to exercise your options before they have vested. The ability to exercise early allows you to change the gain on all your options from ordinary income to a long-term capital gain, which is taxed at a much lower rate. I don’t mean to make this sound like a public service announcement, but you must file your 83(b) within 30 days of your early exercise. Unfortunately there are many people who don’t and then are surprised at the big tax bill they get hit with. What Exactly Is An 83(b)? Section 83 of the Internal Revenue Code states that you do not have to recognize income from owning […]

Introducing Andy Johns

To build a service that allows everyone access to sophisticated financial advice, Wealthfront believes we need to pair world-class financial experts with Silicon Valley’s best talent.  Over the last year, we’ve had financial luminaries like Burt Malkiel and Charley Ellis join our investment team. Today, we’re pleased to announce that one of Silicon Valley’s foremost growth experts has joined our team.  We are thrilled to welcome Andy Johns to Wealthfront. Accelerating Growth of World Class Platforms Andy comes to Wealthfront after his recent role at Greylock Partners as their Growth Strategist in Residence. He previously built and established growth systems at Facebook, Twitter and Quora. Andy has demonstrated innovative thinking to accelerate growth nearly 10x at each of the three, […]

Introducing Maya Grinberg

Exceptional people don’t join hypergrowth startups just to build great products.  They join because they have a passion for building great companies.  This year, Wealthfront has already grown over 250%, and we continue to be both energized and humbled by the trust and the excitement our clients have for the service.  So I guess it’s not surprising that Maya Grinberg, one of our long standing clients & advocates, has joined the Wealthfront team as our new Director of Marketing.  Building the Leading Social Media Platform Maya comes to Wealthfront from her role as the Chief Evangelist for Wildfire at Google.  Maya started as the seventh employee at Wildfire, and helped drive the whirlwind growth characteristic of Silicon Valley’s most successful […]


At Wealthfront, we believe everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. We have made it our mission to provide high-quality advice and investment management without the outsized account minimums and costs typical of existing financial institutions and wealth managers. The mission has resonated and Wealthfront has grown the assets we manage by more than 250% so far in 2013 to over $350 million. Corporations don’t exist in a vacuum, and one of the most difficult questions companies face when defining their culture is how they can best sustainably contribute to their communities in a way that is compatible with their long term mission and differentiated skills.  We’ve decided that the time has come for this company to take its first step in giving […]