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$1 Billion in 2.5 Years

When we launched Wealthfront in December 2011, the thought of getting to $1 billion in assets under management seemed audacious. Today,  I am proud to announce that not only has Wealthfront attracted more than $1 billion under management; we have managed to do so in less than two and a half years since launch. To commemorate this special occasion, we’ve also created a graphic storyline of the journey we’ve taken to get here. This is an incredibly gratifying milestone for the team at Wealthfront, and we couldn’t have done it without the trust and support of each and every one of our clients. There is no question this accomplishment would not have been possible if not for our focus on two […]

The Automated Investment Service for Everyone

Wealthfront is the world’s largest and fastest-growing automated investment service (AIS). With more than $800 million in client assets under management, Wealthfront offers the most tax-efficient and low-cost index fund-based solution for long-term investors on the market. Having grown more than 700% since the start of 2013, Wealthfront now provides service to clients across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., with client accounts ranging in size from $5,000 to over $10,000,000. Wealthfront is on the leading edge of a much larger trend, one catalyzed by a new generation of younger investors. There are 90 million people in the millennial generation with an aggregate net worth of more than $2 Trillion. They have grown up with software and lived through two […]

Wealthfront Named ETF Strategist of the Year

Today I am proud to announce that Wealthfront has been named the “ETF Strategist of the Year” by ETF.com (formerly IndexUniverse), the world’s leading authority on exchange-traded funds. We are especially gratified to be chosen for this award from among all investment management firms that use ETFs, not just new entrants. At Wealthfront, we strive to build a world-class investment service and we’re proud to have assembled an unparalleled investment team led by Burton Malkiel. Over the past year, we added asset classes, released an improved and more diversified investment mix, delivered different asset allocations for taxable vs. retirement accounts to improve after tax returns, and launched the Wealthfront 500. In short, we aim to relentlessly improve our service to […]

Announcing Wealthfront for iPhone

Wealthfront became the largest and fastest-growing software-based financial advisor—with over $700 million in assets under management— by providing a simple, automated service for managing your long-term investments. Wealthfront monitors your investments for opportunities to rebalance your portfolio and harvest tax losses every day so you don’t have to. Unlike most investment applications for the iPhone, Wealthfront decided to design, from the ground up, a way for our clients to see how their investments are being managed, anytime, from their iPhone. Download: Wealthfront for iPhone  A Personal Feed from Wealthfront The Wealthfront application is structured around a feed of updates about your accounts. Most of our clients appreciate that Wealthfront can be their “set it and forget it,” automated investment service. They […]

Wealthfront Reaches Over Half a Billion Dollars in 2013

At Wealthfront, we believe everyone deserves sophisticated financial advice. Our mission is to provide the same kind of high-quality investment services offered by the finest financial institutions and private wealth managers, without the high account minimums or costs. 2013 was a ground-breaking year for our service.  Although we began the year with less than $100 million in assets under management, we closed 2013 with over $538 million, growing over 450% to become the largest and fastest-growing software-based financial advisor.  In fact, Wealthfront enters 2014 larger than 87% of RIAs in the United States.   Two Massive Trends: Passive Investing & The Rise of Millennials Our growth in 2013 exceeded even our most optimistic projections, so we’ve spent some time investigating […]

When to Diversify Across Financial Advisors

Last month Wealthfront hosted an event that featured our chief investment officer, Burt Malkiel.  It’s wonderful to listen to Burt, because he discusses the markets with such clarity. Markets go up, and markets go down.  You can’t control them. As an investor, you should instead focus your efforts on the three things you can control that will make a difference:  Diversify your portfolio, minimize fees and minimize taxes. During our Q&A session, one of our clients asked Burt, “Does it make sense to diversify across financial advisors?” Burt’s answer was simple: “There is no real benefit to diversifying advisors if your advisor follows my advice of diversifying your portfolio across index funds that represent a variety of asset classes. Hiring […]

Wealthfront Reaches A Quarter Billion Dollars

At Wealthfront, we believe everyone deserves sophisticated investment management. Our mission is to provide the same kind of high-quality financial advice offered by the best financial institutions and private wealth managers, without the high account minimums or costs. We’re proud to announce our clients have enabled us to become the largest software-based financial advisor. Our clients trust us to manage over $250 million in assets, up more than 150% in 2013 alone. As it turns out, one billion quarters weighs a little more than 6,250 tons. It’s a heavy responsibility. Leadership Through Relentless Improvement When we launched our flagship service in December 2011, we hoped investors would love our automated, low-cost investment management. We’ve relentlessly improved our service with features […]

Introducing Avery Moon, VP of Engineering

Wealthfront is an example of how, as Marc Andreessen says, software is eating the world. More and more major businesses and industries are being run on software and delivered as online services, often at lower cost and to the greater benefit of consumers. This is the part I love. Wealthfront is one of the first companies to embody this trend in the investment world: investing and software are finally converging at Internet scale. I joined the company as Vice President of Engineering to drive this convergence. We deliver automated financial advice as an online service. We put our clients first, rely on rigorous financial research, and harness the power of software to improve our services. As thousands of investors discover […]

Introducing Elliot Shmukler, VP of Product & Growth

Today I am happy to blog for the first time as Wealthfront’s Vice President of Product & Growth. As you may imagine, I am tremendously excited about the Wealthfront product and its potential, especially as the company enters a new phase of growth. But this product has even greater personal relevance for me – I searched for a product like it for more than 10 years to manage my own money. Lessons from the 1990s It all started during the heady days of the late ‘90s – the Web 1.0 boom. With the excitement around us, some of my friends and I interrupted our careers and our college educations to take a shot at Web entrepreneurship. The experience of running a […]

Everyone Deserves Sophisticated Investment Advice

At Wealthfront, our mission is to provide the high-quality financial advice offered by the best financial institutions and private wealth managers, without the high account minimums or costs. Our assets under management have grown more than 70% just since the beginning of 2013. When we launched our flagship service in December 2011, we hoped investors would love our extremely simple, transparent service informed by top academic research. Since that launch, we’ve relentlessly improved the product with features like automatic rebalancing, continuous tax-loss harvesting, differentiated asset location for tax-efficiency and a broadened set of diversified asset classes. Judging by the growth in our assets under management (AUM), our clients really seem to like what we’re doing. In the little more than […]